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Welcome To Unicharm Family !

Our mission

Our company continues to offer products and services that are the first-of-its-kind and world class, and that bring happiness and enjoyment to customers around the world. For this, we all contribute and help each other, and enjoy the our success.

The type of employee Unicharm looks for

We look for independent people who set high goals for themselves and act according to self-development. In 2001, to make an effort to aim higher, Unicharm Group changed its Corporate Philosophy from "NOLA & DOLA" (Necessity of Ladies' Activities & Dreams of Ladies' Activities) to "New NOLA & DOLA" (Necessity of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities). The entire group itself aims to be an independent group that sets high goals and acts according to self-development. We look for people who don't wait for their supervisor's instructions, but voluntarily and proactively set projects through self-study and self-innovation. In other words, we are not looking for people who seek for safety and adhere to old rules. We hope our company can be a place from which employees not only obtain an income for food and living expenses, but can also find happiness, a sense of achievement and pride. This is why Unicharm has a principle based on results and continues to innovate its HR system. Unicharm, with a challenging spirit, looks for independent people who ask the question, "Yes, why?" and move forward steadily.

Unicharm's HR Philosophy