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Business Operations

As a company that supports a healthy mind and body in all people

We want everyone to live a healthy, happy life from the day they come into the world. To achieve our dream, we offer products and services suitable all generations using technologies we have developed in the areas of non-woven fabrics and absorbent materials.
Currently, we aspire to provide customer satisfaction through the development of high quality products and marketing activities across two business segments baby care and feminine care.

Baby Care

Diapers are used from the day a baby is born. However, a baby’s skin is very delicate. With the aim of helping mothers and babies to enjoy the early years in comfort, Unicharm treats diapers as baby underwear rather than a piece of equipment, and offers products such as disposable diapers and wipes that will appeal to mothers and babies alike.


Unicharm offers two brands of baby disposable diapers: BabyJoy and Moony, depending on customer needs. Our brands use their unique functional benefits based on deep understanding of the baby's mind & body and satisfy the mother with her baby being dry and happy.


Changing the diapers of active babies who are constantly on the move is no easy task. The BabyJoy Culotte is the world’s first pants-type diaper. It is easy to put on, making it convenient and comfortable and helping improve the childcare experience. The BabyJoy Culotte are popular pants-type diapers at a reasonable price, which facilitate the move from tape-type disposable diapers to pants-type products.

Feminine Care

People's lifestyles change with the times. Given the increasing trend for women to have prosperous work and private lives, Unicharm scientifically studies mechanisms of women's bodies and minds and offers a wide range of feminine care products including feminine napkins and panty liners. We do this in the hope that our products will free women from the physical and psychological constraints associated with menstruation, vaginal discharge and slight incontinence, thereby helping them to enjoy a comfortable life without the usual restrictions.


The Sofy brand of feminine napkins provides a wide variety of choices to meet the diversified and sophisticated needs of women, with napkins varying in use, thickness, material and length. Users can select the leak-proof napkin most suitable for them and feel as comfortable and secure as always, even during their periods.